Only $30,000 to Go to Hit our Goal!!!

"For the Love of Mercy" Campaign! We're getting even closer to our goal of $2 million!
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See Photos from Fr. Jason's Farewell Party!

On Sunday, June 18th (Father's Day), the parish took some time to say goodbye to Fr. Jason at the 11:30am Mass. A reception was held for Fr. Jason in Code Auditorium (thanks to Jeanne DeMasters for her hard work in putting this event together!). To see pictures from this event (thanks to Lou Marchesi for the pictures!), click HERE

Saint Anthony Undergoes Renovation

On May 17th, Stasi Brothers began the incredible task of renovating Saint Anthony's Hall. Old buildings have many layers of material that hide many things. When Father Ralph first began the process of looking at uses for the second floor of Saint Anthony's, some of the old classroom walls were taken down and one could see the original painting of what was once the sanctuary of the second Church (as well as the windows of the sanctuary). As much as that is a beautiful find, we also (digging deeper) found that those old plaster walls contain asbestos (and the floor tiles as well!) and need to be abated. When some of the old school hallway was removed, there was evidence of the burned timbers in the ceiling structure. When the ceiling was removed from the first floor, one could see the main beam supporting the second floor (resting on top of the columns) was not set properly so that there is a sagging in the second floor!

As mother said, "If you are going to do something, do it right." Well, that's what is happening in this renovation of this beautiful building. New columns, new beams, and the reinforcing of older beams is now taking place. A new ceiling on the first floor of Saint Anthony's (donated by Stasi brothers) as well as new efficient lighting for which we will be rebated by PSEG. The elevator has been ordered, new stairs will soon go in and then the reconstruction of the front entranceway and foyer-vestibule for the first floor of Saint Anthony's.

Right now, we are seriously thinking of redoing the first floor as well -- new wall covering, new windows and perhaps a more efficient heating system for the first floor. As my mother also said, "Just to make it look pretty without doing it right is like putting lipstick on a pig!" Oh, mother!

Can You Commit Some Time for Adoration?

In the fall, we extended hours of Eucharistic Adoration here at Saint Brigid's. Presently, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed between the hours of 12:40 through 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

It is important that someone be present in the Church during those hours of adoration. As the summer time approaches and people have other commitments that may take them away from Westbury, we are looking for more people to commit at least an hour of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament each week.

Please use this form to sign up!


Our Newly Compiled History

Have you ever wondered how many pastors have been at St. Brigid's? Did you know that our present-day church building is actually the third St. Brigid's Church?

Al Peck, our "resident historian," has recently gathered together historical documents and pictures about St. Brigid's and Westbury. We thank Al for his hard work and interesting facts. Click HERE to learn more!

Saint Brigid's New Associate Pastor

Bishop Barres has appointed Father Rony Fabien to be our new associate pastor, effective Wednesday, June 28, 2017. Father Rony will replace Father Jason, who has been assigned to graduate studies for Sacred Scripture in Washington DC. Father Rony has been kind enough to offer a few words about himself:

"This past Tuesday, I received the news that I will be assigned to Saint Brigid Parish, this coming June, as Associate Pastor. Saint Brigid was my first choice from the three Parishes I had submitted to the Diocese. I am looking forward to be part of the Saint Brigid’s family. I love the diversity and the sense of community of the parish. How great it will be to have the opportunity to serve in English, Spanish, French and Creole.  I also hope to learn some Italian.

Some of you might be asking, 'Who is Fr. Rony?' Allow me to tell you a little about my background.

I was born in Bainet, the southernmost part of Haiti on March 16, 1961, and ordained to the Priesthood for the Diocese of Jacmel, Haiti, on February 28, 1993.  From March 1993 to May 1995, I was Associate Pastor of the Parish of Saint Joseph, Cotes de Fer, and from May 1995 to June 2000, Pastor of Saint Francis Xavier Parish, Baudin/Grande Colline.

Then, my bishop sent me to the U.S. to study at Fordham University in the Bronx, for an MA in Pastoral Ministry and Church Leadership. In 2003, I returned to my Diocese and was appointed Rector of the Cathedral Saints Philip and James and at the same time Diocesan Director of the Episcopal Commission of Justice and Peace. I spent 9 years in that assignment.

In 2012, I returned to the U.S. and was assigned as Associate Pastor of Our Lady of Victory Parish, Floral Park and Sunday helper for the Haitian Community of Saint Martha, Uniondale. I can tell you, that experience here is one of 'a brother among brothers'. This year I was incardinated to the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

As I said previously, I am looking forward to being with you, to serve you and to continue to experience the joy of serving the Lord through you, my sisters and brothers. You are in my prayers.

Praised be the name of Jesus Christ now and forever!"


NEW! Sponsor a Child for our Religious Ed Program!

Sharing the Light of Faith is a principle task of our church.  "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations..."
Why not sponsor one of our parish children whose family needs relief from the an additional financial stress for the fees associated with Faith Formation?

CLICK HERE for more information.

Wanted: Volunteers for ESL program

Come and be a volunteer teaching “Beginner's English” to a St. Brigid parishioner, eager to learn English as their second language.


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Centennial Renovation Campaign Update

UPDATE: May 17, 2017 (Work at St. Anthony's Hall)

Perhaps most of you have heard that Stasi Brothers of Westbury was awarded the contract to renovate the second floor of Saint Anthony’s and to create a new entranceway and reception area for the first floor of the building. In the course of the bidding process, it was noticed that there was a three inch “sagging” in the second floor -- a situation that was created when the support walls of the first floor were taken down (when the building was no longer going to be used as a school).

In order to reinforce the building and most particularly to even out the second floor, a new support beam is being installed between the first and second floor, and new footings are being poured in the basement of the hall to reinforce the support beams that are presently in place on the first floor. Also, within this month, asbestos abatement will take place both in the basement area as well as the second floor of Saint Anthony’s.

February 1, 2017 

The village of Westbury has recently granted the needed variances to proceed with the project and will soon be issuing the necessary building permits. In the meantime, the building office of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has given approval of the project and are assembling bid packages for construction companies to assess the project and to make their bid. 

Construction work on Saint Anthony’s may begin as soon as early March. During the course of the many listening sessions that took place in preparation for these projects, it was suggested that certain items in the Church be taken care of even before the major work in the Church is done in the winter of 2018.

Two such projects are the improvement of the lighting (using long lasting energy saving LED bulbs) as well as the as the reconstruction of the existing bathroom. The lighting project has pretty much been completed; the bathroom construction will take place next week. So, next weekend (if all goes well) take a look at the new bathroom and tell me what you think!

This weekend, I am making one final invitation for people to become engaged in the centennial campaign by making a three-year pledge. It is my hope that in this final push we may exceed our goal of $2,000,000 and therefore have the money that we will need in order to complete all of the projects that we have planned in this centennial renovation. God bless all of you for your generosity and love of Saint Brigid’s!

Click here for more information about the campaign and our projects.

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